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Friday, February 02, 2007

SRK and KBC...

So KBC has started again, but no Big B this time, its SRK who is hosting the show.

There is no match between BigB and SRK, i dont want to say BIgB is better than SRK or vice versa, both have their different styles and way of interacting with people...

There is one thing i noticed, in yesterday episode(Thursday, 1st February), i dont know if anybody of you noticed or not, There was a female contestant from Jind, Haryana(forgot the damn name). She was a teacher, and was so fucking rude i wish i could have kicked her on the face.

In the whole episode she didnt even talked to SRK in the right manner, maybe considering herself some Queen or what(Bitch!!) that could have been tolerated until in the end when she decided to quit the show. If you have seen the KBC, you must be knowing there are some changes from the old versions, like you have to freeze the answer instead of locking, and when you want to quit, you have to say,"Shahrukh mujhe gale laga lo" (Shahrukh please give me hug.)

So coming to the point, when she was about to quit the show, SRK reminded her that if she wanted to quit, she can say, Shahrukh mujhe gale laga lo. Now at that point i cant believe my ears, what she said. What an arsehole she was.

She said,"Mujhe aapke gale lagna ka koi shouk nahin hai. I quit". (I dont want to be hugged by you. I quit). And she was not at all funny or talking in a humourous way. I felt like beating the hell outta that bitch. I mean its ok if you are strict or whatever but dont you have any respect for a man like Shahrukh Khan?? How can you say something like that to SRK.

I know many of you will think its not a big deal or i dont see any rudeness in that or i didnt even noticed blah blah, but it matters a lot for me... If you cant even talk politely to a man like the class of SRK you dont deserve to be there. BITCH.


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