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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Its been a while...

Yesterday night i saw the moon for the first time in four months, that was astonishing sight! I remember i saw it last time through the ambulance window on the night of 9th november...
I forgot how it looked like, but that was a great sight when i saw it after a really long time, behind the clouds, coming and going... It surely didnt feel good lying in a room!

Ah well... India is celebrating Holi today, so a very Happy Holi to all the Indians from me, i hope you enjoyed it a lot :)
Oh and other info, if you have a blog, try registering it at BlogMania, thats my Blog Directory that i recently opened (still in need of some sites!)

Hmmm I think thats all for today... Enjoy!


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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Its been raining in here for two days continuosly! The summer was about to come but its been cold again, since it rained...

Its been a lazy day so far, got up at 9:45 and didnt took bath (cos its cold!!) and i hate bathing in cold (but do bath daily!)

Just watching the match (what else can i do, lying on the bed), and its been a good match so far...

Erm... cant think of anything more to write, so thats all for now....


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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Rantings!

I have talked about this before but cant help talking about it again!

Its been a real long and boring day, with nothing much to do, except playing iForest, and watching TV (when there is no power failure!)

While I was watching the TV, i got the terrible news of Varanasi Blasts , those dickheads cant do anything except causing unstability in the country(i am not going into depth because i can not write like a profesional). Read G's Writings!

Now what else can you do lying on a bed with a crushed leg! Bad thoughts come in your mind (that practical thingy haunts me) and i think how would i be able to walk again, after such a long time!!??

I remember those good old days when i was in school, we used to have a lot of fun, especially after class IXth, but those days wont be back again! This fuckin things started happening to me since i passed the class XIIth, and moved to college, its bad like shit!

My grandmother and grandfather both died in a interval of 10 months, it happened after 1 month of passing class XIIth. And i have just started going to college when the accident happened...!!

You cant imagine whats about to happen with you next!

"Life is a Bitch and then you Die, Fuck the rules and get High!!"


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