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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Barca plays tonight again! Go thrash them Messi!!



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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

El Clasico

Camp Nou


Barcelona 5 - 0 Real MAdrid




Thursday, September 06, 2007

Uthappa Saves The Day...

The best one-day matches are decided in tight finishes and, when the life of a series hangs in that balance, it makes the tension that much more real. Led by a magnificent 94 from Sachin Tendulkar and an icy-cool unbeaten 47 from Robin Uthappa, India hunted down the target of 316 with two balls to spare. England fought hard and never let go but the price India paid for playing only four bowlers was compensated - if only just - by the decision to play seven batsmen.

The last few overs were dramatic, and none more than the final one. Uthappa, playing in his first match of the series and batting in the unfamiliar role of the finisher, found himself facing Stuart Broad, England's best bowler of the day, with ten runs needed to keep his team in the series. The first ball yielded a hard-run two but Broad fired the next in the blockhole; Uthappa could only dig it out to straight to the bowler, who comfortably ran out Zaheer Khan, who had backed up too far.

The next ball was another full ball, aimed at the middle stump. Uthappa, though, was outside the off-stump by the time the ball got to him and deftly helped it over the short fine-leg. The fielder was pushed back and in came long off. This time Uthappa was down the wicket and the ball went screaming past mid off. Through these two high-quality and calculated strokes, one young man had out-thought the other. It was a nerveless innings when the run chase had threatened to go horribly wrong.

India began their pursuit with their heaviest artillery, Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, firing in unison. Ganguly set thetone,putting James Anderson away through his favourite point region. Tendulkar Sachin at His BEST!! then responded with a flick off Stuart Broad that flew off the bat and it was game on. There was decisiveness to the calling as the pair pinched quick singles. While they still traded largely in boundaries, there was no hesitancy in the running between wickets, a refreshing trend after the last few games.

Tendulkar picked off Anderson for three consecutive boundaries - an off-drive, a flick through square-leg and a repeat of the earlier stroke - in the 8th over, and Ganguly was keen not to be left out. Off the next over he came breezily down the pitch to Stuart Broad and carved him over cover. There was an exchange of words as Broad clearly wasn't enjoying bowling to two highly skilled one-day batsmen on an unhelpful pitch. All this did was spur Ganguly on further, and another trip down the pitch sent the ball several rows back in the stands behind long-on.

The Indian fifty - hardly maniacal - came off 49 balls, and soon enough Tendulkar brought up his 83rd half-century. The next Indian fifty came even sooner, off 37 balls, and suddenly the target of 316 appeared manageable.

With Tendulkar sweeping past short fine-leg when the man was in the circle, and hitting inside-out through cover when the field changed, there was little the bowlers could do. Needing to score at more than six-an-over for the 50-over span, it needed runs from both ends, and Ganguly matched Tendulkar in volume and entertainment. He even unfurled the pull, timing and placing the ball perfectly, one bounce and over the ropes.

What made India's progress particularly pleasing was the fact that barely a serious appeal had passed in the course of the partnership. Then, against the run of play Ganguly fell, on 53, when he made room and tried to hit over the off side. He just failed to clear Kevin Pietersen at cover and India lost their first wicket on exactly 150. Broad, who had bowled with purpose amid the run-glut, finally had reward for his toil.

 Then came a passage of play that Indian fans are familiar with. One wicket was followed by another as Tendulkar, cramping and struggling on, hit Monty Panesar inside-out, much like Ganguly, and was caught by Collingwood. Tendulkar had fallen in the nineties for the fourth time on this tour, and soon after the complexion of the game changed.

Dravid fell to a soft dismissal; Yuvraj Singh hit a couple of pleasing shots but checked a drive and popped a catch back to Dimitri Mascarenhas; Gautam Gambhir threatened to consolidate but threw his wicket away at 47. When he fell, India had 234 on the board and still needed 83 from 58 balls. Then Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Uthappa shepherded India through a passage where the required rate rocketed over 10.

The two kept their cool, and despite some  intelligent bowling from Broad, the runs came. Uthappa scooped one over short fine-leg, pulled off the front foot, and a couple of edges either side of the wicketkeeper put India within touching distance of the target. Still, with 23 needed from the last two overs, and the bowlers sacrificing their wickets, it came right down to the wire with 10 needed from the last over. Then Uthappa, with 47 from only 33 balls, went from being a passenger to a hero.



Saturday, March 24, 2007

I wish it wasnt true...

It happened. They lost to Sri Lanka. My worst nightmare has come alive...

4 years... The wait of whole fucking 4 years... Just one match and its over... 

Cant Believe, have nothing more to say.



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Monday, March 19, 2007

World Cup Fever!

So, the long awaited Cricket World Cup has kicked off in teh Carribean :ppPP And we have seen many shocking results already.

First Bangladesh defeated New Zealand in the warm-up game, then they defeated India in the league game!!! WTF?? I mean how can they beat India? Now India have to win their all remaining league matches to go to the second round. And it sounds almost impossible that they can beat Sri Lanka, keeping in mind their superb form.

Also Ireland defeated Pakistan!! And guess what Pakistan is out of the world cup in the first round itself, without even winning a single game. Its the worst World Cup for Pakistan. And to add to the dismay of Pakistan, their coach Bob Woolmer died the next day of their defeat. Its shocking, it could be due to the shock of the loss, some say he ate poison blah blah, but its shocking for me! May his Soul Rest In Peace.

Anyway, India play their second game today against Bermuda, i hope they dont repeat the Bangladesh, and win with a huge margin or it would be very very hard for them to return to India again.


Monday, July 10, 2006

A Perfect Ending!

So as i thought, Italy beat France to become the World Champions! That was a perfect match, anyone could think for a World Cup Final!

First, France got the lead, with the help of Zidane, only in the seventh minute of the game! but the Italians were not behind, they levelled the score just ten minutes later. On seeing the score 1-1 tied just after 17 minutes of the game, i thought its gonna be a high scoring match, but the remaining time was filled with attacking, defending, tackling, falling, bruising, (Some HeadButting...) but no goal was scored even in the extra time and another match was stretched to the penalty shoot-outs!

Now, after seeing Zidane going out on using his head (as a missile, not for thinking!) it was almost a dreaded task for France to win, at that point of time, i was beginning to see Italy as the Champions then! And the same happened!
Italians kept their cool and beat the French men 5-3 in penalties.

Frankly I wasnt expecting that kind of behaviour by Zidane. This is your last match and you are doing that kinda things, one should expect from a rookie!

So another World Cup came to an end, will look forward to English Premier League now which is coming in august :)


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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Grand Finale

So France made it to the final, well they deserved it. Zidane played superbly, as usual, and thanks to Thierry Henry (and Referee) that he earned France a penalty kick and Zidane made no mistake!

Now, France vs Italy in the FIFA World Cup 2006 Final, will France win or Italy, once again, will surprise us? We will see!

Another interesting match will be playoff between Germany and Portugal, the clash for the third place, most people say that teams in the playoffs didnt play upto the mark as they are already knocked out, it will be interesting to see, if it holds true...


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Surprise, Surprise....

So, we see a lot of surprise results lately in the FIFA World Cup!

First, Brazil, the biggest of them all, lost to France, thanx to Zidane. That is acceptable, but Portugal beating England is completely surprising, i mean didnt they know how to kick the ball during penalty shoot-outs?? They missed 3 out of 5 penalty kicks, horrible!

And now Italy beat Germany in the extra time! But in that match, Germany was ill fated, they got many chances which can be turned into goals but they missed out somewhere! Ballack and Klose almost got their team lead, but they just missed out, the Italian defence was great.

Anyway, Lets see what happen in todays match - Portugal vs France.
I wont be surprised if Portugal beats the French men, but my bet will be on France!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Real Team India!!


I need not mention, what happened yesterday, to those, who saw the yesterday match, but to those who were unlucky enough to miss it, let me tell them that, The monday was purely team India day!!

A brilliant start by Irfan Pathan in the first over itself (that was the exact copy of 2nd match), and then the brilliant spells by RP singh and Sachin, though there were three catches dropped, all on the bowling of S.Sreesanth (poor chap) and a century by Shoaib Malik, lead Pakistan to a respected total!

But what can they do with Sachin Tendulkar, who smashed 95 off 104 balls and built the foundation of the win!

Tendulkar, dropped on 36 when Kamran Akmal failed to get a leg-side glance off Umar Gul, took India to 189 before cutting Abdul Razzaq straight to substitute Imran Frahat at point.

Tendulkar hit 16 boundaries and a six during his 104-ball knock.


But after two quick wickets of Sachin and Kaif, it was smell of danger somewhere, till MS Dhoni arrived! It was due to him and Yuvraj that India was able to win the 3rd match of the five ODI series! Dhoni was simply superb (72 off 46
balls), and was rightly given the man of the match!

Now that was team India (and Dhoni) at its Best!


Monday, January 30, 2006

Wicket Wicket Wicket!!!

Mhuahahahaha... what a spell by Irfan Pathan!!

A Hattrick in the very first over of the match, with no runs on the board!! Now this is the impact of a sporting wicket, as i have mentioned earlier!! He is Great!

Lets see what is the result of the match!!


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Thursday, January 26, 2006


WTF they think they are doing?? Yeah i am talking of Pakistani Groundsmen and the higher authorities, I mean cant they make some sporting wickets? Or are they afraid of losing to India!

 This type of wickets only make comon man less prone to the Test Cricket (If there are still some who yet have some interest in it...!)

Well, for me, i watch any type of cricket, even if India is not invloved in it! ;)


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sachin, really a BLASTER!

I was totally excited to see the first match of Videocon Cup!

What a Really superb Batting by the Genius Sachin Tendulkar and with him Irfan Pathan!
The sixes and fours were raining into the stadium!

It didnt even seemed for one minute that Sachin has been out from the game for over 6 months, same old shots and style!

He is Great!!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mr. Cool, now a father!

The Indian Cricket team, vice captain Rahul Dravid is blessed with a son today!

Hehe good going, Jammy!



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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ICC XI vs Australia

Hah, i always knew that even in their wildest dreams they couldn't beat The Australia! After all they are the World champions!



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