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Monday, May 25, 2009

Deccan Chargers, the Champs.. Wait a minnit.. WTF?

I have to say, that match was an classic example of "How To Lose a Match". And the authors, none other than Royal Challengers Bangalore.
What was the need of those out of the world shots, when you could have won even by taking singles.

But a great finish to this year's season as well. South Africa, they were doubted, as whether they would be able to provide the same cricketing atmosphere as India, but thanks to a large gathering of the people from the subcontinent, they succeeded.

Not surprisingly, the two teams i supported, like shit, finished at the bottom. It happens all the time. I was cheering for RCB in the final, and they lost after coming on the verge of a terrific win.

Anyway will wait eagerly for next year, there wont be any fucking elections and the IPL is back, where it rightly belongs, INDIA.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I wonder..

Everything was going right.. 2 required off 2.. Yeah i am talking about the IPL Match #10, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals.

Alright it tied in the end, and the Super Over was on. Alright.

But will somebody tell me who the fuck brought that fucking Mendis to bowl the fucking Super Over? I agree the arse has got enough hype but HE IS A SPINNER for fuck sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

And the same happened, what i feared.. Mighty YK Pathan took him to the fucking cleaners..

Damn, the whole mighty effort of Dada went in vain. And i can bet it was fucking Mccullum's idea to make Mendis bowl in super Over. Holy shit. What else to say.

Dumbfuck Retard.