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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time To Get Serious...

Well, i am glad, i aint Dead yet... The so called, mystical forces, of the nature tried evry bit to make me dead, but they didnt succeed, i suppose..

Ok, now the main thing.. of all these years i have been reverse enginnering/back-dooring/rooting/trojaning etc. people/systems just for fun or for finding the weaknesses... Now, i think, is the time to get a bit serious.. THE MONEY!!!

Its all about the money. Its Money making time. Enough of this rooting/defacing shit. Of all the huge DB's and CC's i hacked, they must be worth of a couple of thousand quids, i suppose.. Now is the time to cash it. 

Oh and Feds, fuck you in the face. Catch me if you can. 

All those online malls/PayPal bitch/shopadmins, here i come. I will do it, not because i need the money, because i CAN do it.


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