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Thursday, March 02, 2006


medium_blackrose.jpgI am, the one you denied,
Brushed off every time I tried, but I'm alright,
I'm able to swallow my pride and put all the bullshit to the side,
If you ready to ride, I'm down for a one night stand,
I'll accept it any way that I can, 'cause I ain't your man,
I'll try for whatever it's worth,
Just remember who played who first,
Yeah, yeah.....
I can't keep my eyes off ya,
I can tell why them other guys lost ya,
Your kind's rarer than a flyin' saucer,
And that's why I can offer, similarities in our characters,
Haven't you heard the word 'round town? How I get down,
They gon' whistle, everybody part is official,
And that ass wit' you, got my dick as hard as a missile,
Don't hop on top, 'cause I ride around with a pistol,


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