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Friday, February 10, 2006

Rage by Cartoon...

Yeah this is in regards of that controversy which is been the headline of newspapers for a week now, i think...

Today there was another twist in this matter!

The Talibanis (yeah the same old talibanis) have announced a reward of 100 kg of Gold, to the person who will bring the head of that cartoonist (seperated from the body) who made that cartoon!!!!

Now what will you call it!!???

For more info and views read G-ThisIsMe



Wandered into your blog from Girish's blog...interesting reading!
The Talibanis have nothing better to do than to plan murder. Their life agenda is" who to kill now...who to murder next" because in their twisted minds filled with hate they see only Islam.....and nothing else. I came across your blog though Girish's blog.....and I was TAGGED by him so you can check out my thoughts too in the same matter!

Posted by: megha | Saturday, February 11, 2006

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